IDROPAVESE snc for more than thirty years dedicated to the manufacture and support of high pressure washers & sandblasting with Italian craftsmanship throughout, using the highest quality materials to create products of absolute guarantee. The work experience of the two partners together with a team of collaborators, many years together, allows us to design and build machines to suit all the needs of a market that is constantly evolving.

A company so rooted in tradition but open to research and innovation with the aim of meeting the large customer with products always live up to its name. Our range of pressure washers to hot / cold water (100 to 400 bar) can satisfy the needs of both the user’s private and those of big business; The series is also available in stainless steel, specifically for the food industry can be sterilized at high temperatures or the one with internal combustion engines (Petrol) to work in maximum autonomy. For years Idropavese works with companies within the field of industrial cleaning carwash and commercializing a broad portfolio of products and prestigious brands in their field such as: vacuum cleaners – Nebulizers – Sweepers – Scrubber for both domestic use and for big industry with all the corresponding series of accessories. All our pressure washers are marked “CE” in accordance with the rules of the European Community described in Directive 2006/42 / EC and its subsequent amendments and additions. Is released instruction manual and warranty card.