Columbus E 430 Thermopad

Single-Disc Floor Machines Columbus E 430 Thermopad

Thermopad. Thermo-active carpet care. Unique. And only from Columbus.


  • Patented, economical damp cleaning system to leave carpeted floors in offices, businesses, hotel rooms and IT centres clean and immediately usable.
  • Impressive operating principle: the cleaning agent uses heat to quickly loosen even worn-in dirt, which is picked up fast and without residue by the Queen Bonnet Pad.
  • The system works equally effectively on all kinds of carpet and contributes to maintaining the quality of the flooring.
  • Whisper quiet: the machine produces very little noise when in operation and can be used during working hours.
  • The heat supply can be altered by adjusting the thermostat, depending on the textile material.
  • Better for the environment: the moistened pad allows for the deep and thorough cleaning of carpets with minimal use of cleaning agents.
  • The special cleaner Maxil can be sprayed easily and evenly onto the floor with the pressure sprayer, and worn-in stains can be additionally targeted and treated.
  • Expanded spectrum of uses: the Thermopad is also suitable for oiling of parquet and wooden floors – with less oil, deeper penetration and significantly shorter drying times compared to conventional methods.
  • What’s more, by using the Thermopad, wax stains in churches or catering areas can be quickly loosened and removed without leaving residue.

Use and Maintenance Manual
Replacement Parts: Consulta il file PDF


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