Turbolava Facile 35

Turbolava Facile 35 Professional Scrubber


The automatic scrubber drier Turbolava 35 facile (easy) is the ideal scrubber for daily or scheduled deep cleaning on any kind of floor in small and medium size areas, it is a professional machine dedicated also to non professional users . For an easy and quick use, compact and manoeuvrable, light and easy to be moved, also over stairs; can be easily stored almost anywhere but it is also resistant because built with first quality materials for a long life service . Turbolava 35 facile has two inclined counter rotating brushes, with a special design, that will remove even the toughest dirt also from grouted floor and up to the wall edge, using a small quantity of detergent. A suction squeegee will pick up all the contaminated cleaning solution inside an easily removable tank. Turbolava 35 facile has a real vacuum system but just one motor, granting a real money saving in electricity, because with just 640 watts it is possible to clean and perfectly dry any floor. A wide range of attachments brushes allow to Turbolava 35 facile the flexibility to cover all your floor maintenance for normal, deep cleaning or polishing ,with colour coded pads, microfiber pads, softer brushes, or hardest tynex brushes. Turbolava 35 facile is excellent for floor cleaning both in domestic or public areas such as restaurants, pubs , retail shops ,food shops, fast food ,offices , fitness centres and many other.
With turbolava facile 35 your floor will be clean dry and safe, ready for immediate use!

Use and Maintenance Manual
Replacement Parts: Check the PDF file


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